Green is more than just color inspiring sustainability and responsibility. At CORE, green begins with design and products and ends with every day you spend in your home. The dedication is not only in how your home is built, but how it performs long after you move in. Our product selections provide a real measurable difference, resulting in savings and comfort for the life of a CORE home. We feel the foundation of a real green product absolutely means using sustainable products and practices but isn’t truly green unless it keeps giving back long after we are done. For more information about our commitment and products, visit our product partner websites or visit us and find out one on one why we are Green to the CORE!

ZIP System®. Energy Efficiency and Comfort Built Right In
Seasons change, but your indoor comfort shouldn’t. Air leakage can increase energy costs because it makes heating and cooling systems work harder to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With ZIP System® sheathing and tape, you can build in protection against air leakage and possible moisture damage within your walls. ZIP System® sheathing and tape is a revolutionary solution for exterior walls and roofs with a built-in moisture barrier and air-tight, taped seams, to keep air and moisture out and energy savings and comfort in.
Welcome to your 100% Hardie Home
All HardiPlank® siding styles are engineered for several climate conditions to better withstand a home’s particular weather challenges. Each style is backed by a manufacturer’s 30-year, transferable, limited warranty. A well-designed house should make you happy whenever you see it. It simply feels good to have a polished home. The last thing you need is anxiety about how your siding is performing. Reliability is crucial. That’s why we use James Hardie siding and trim.
Shaw Sustainable Products
We only use Shaw products, designed to be as sustainable as they are beautiful. Shaw places a priority on using resources responsibly and takes care to include materials that are durable and safe – for people and the planet. They approach design with the full product cycle in mind from the manufacturing process. Careful consideration of the individual components that go into their wide portfolio of flooring products is a vital part of Shaw’s commitment to sustainability.

Green Product Partners